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Your voice is the key to Self-Expression. Healing. Communication. Unlock your voice, and become unstoppable.


8-week group coaching container for women who are ready to take up space, own their voice, and claim the life of their dreams.


Imagine this

You wake up feeling clear and confident. You pour a cup of tea as you check in with yourself and plan a meaningful, fun and fulfilling day. You're working your dream job - one that gives you more free TIME, great $$$, and a spark of true excitement... all because you now value yourself enough to have manifested it. You sing freely and actually enjoy using your voice musically... and it feels so damn good to express yourself fully & unabashedly. You communicate your needs & truth confidently to your loved ones, your colleagues, even strangers, without feeling like you have to filter yourself or apologize.


sounds pretty awesome. right?


How you use your voice directly represents how you are showing up in your life. If you’ve been feeling stuck on your path, or like you’ve lost connection with your true self, you’re in the right place.


I’ve been there myself, babe. The good news? I've spent a decade carving a path back to my own inner knowing, and now I help other heart-centered creatives do the same. When you re-connect with your voice, your re-connect with your inner truth.

Hi, I’m your coach, Caroline, and in RYV, I'll be by your side guiding you through vocalizing exercises, songwriting processes, and creative healing modalities to ignite your fullest self confidence and innate creative power.


What RYV is NOT:

✘ a fluffy, surface-level voice class

✘ another course for you to just consume info & ideas without taking ACTION

✘ a chance to change who you are to better fit in with society's version of success 

Who RYV is for:

ENTREPRENEURS, MUSICIANS, ARTISTS, COACHES, MOTHERS... ANY CREATIVE, heart-centered women ready to live a life that feels aligned with who they truly are, to let their gifts shine, & to make the impact they were always meant to.

(No previous musical experience required!)

Imagine what your life would be like  if you could:

  • free yourself from the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from shining in your full light

  • speak confidently in conversations, on the socials, for podcasts or speaking ops

  • improve your creative storytelling skills

  • feel comfortable showing up as the full version of YOU

  • confidently claim your spotlight, instead of falling back on people-pleasing tendencies

This transformational group coaching experience will empower you to live your life with full amplification of your mission, vision & dream.

Are you ready to live boldly, authentically, and take up all the space you were always meant to?

You, my dear one, are a creative force of nature. You were meant to make a great imprint on this world.


RYV is about finding who you truly are without the opinions of others or stories from other people or ourselves. It’s about going inside and pulling out the pieces of your very own self, learning to speak your truth and sing out loud without worrying about offending someone.

- Allison Nolan


There were so many things I loved about this class! The camaraderie with my fellow RYV classmates, the lessons, creating my heart song. It all was so lovely. One of the most impactful things I experienced was when I realized that my voice is powerful, especially when spoken from my heart.

- Laura Coates


Caroline is a powerful teacher, and I recommend everyone who feels called to answer that call, and show up for what she has to share.

Raise Your Voice was an uplifting, informative, life-changing experience. I highly recommend it!

- Aria Dawn

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Four Shifts

Here's why women are experiencing such major transformations in their lives, their work, and how they see themselves. Raise Your Voice is an intentionally laid out journey of 4 powerful mindset shifts.





EXPAND the knowledge of your voice,
breathwork, body awareness + vocal techniques to use your voice powerfully + healthily

EXPLORE the unique capabilities + strengths
of your own voice, truly embracing & loving your voice exactly how it is

EXTEND loyalty & trust to your INNER voice,
pinpointing your personal higher calling + reason to raise your voice
EXPRESS yourself to the universe in song,
a guided songwriting experience to fully embody your rediscovered power

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