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Here’s the full scoop

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Who am I?

Greetings, pal! I’m Caroline. If we had the chance to hang for a while, you’d get to know these things about me pretty quick:

I sing and make art for a living. 

I play the theremin, one of the only instruments played without touch.

I’m fascinated (ok, maybe kinda obsessed) with learning about other people’s take on their purpose here, and in cultivating and finding my own.

I believe radical compassion is the key to life. 

Traveling to new places and having new experiences in different cultures with different people is SUPER important to me. 

I’m on a mission to live the most interesting, colorful, fulfilling life I possibly can in my short time here on Earth… and to help others do the same. 

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So Let’s Talk About You

I want to get to know you, darling person. I’m curious… ​
Do you believe art and music and creativity are super important? ​
Is traveling the world the idea of your perfect pastime?  ​
Are you always dreaming up new ideas and adventures and projects, just for fun?​
Do you believe you are here for a reason, even if you don’t know the reason yet?!​

Holy moly, then you are my kind of folk! 

But maybe you feel stuck or unfulfilled in your creative life because: 
​You have a hard time finishing creative endeavors—or even getting started. 
​You feel isolated / don’t have the support of a community who fully embraces your wild dreams.


​Ain’t nobody got time (or money, or resources) for dat.

Now if this doesn’t sound like you at all, that’s totally cool—
I hope you’ll take a look around and enjoy my music!
But if I just described you - a wild soul in need of creative guidance
or a support system of like-minded dreamers, then I’m extra glad you’re here. 
I have good news for you, dude. You already have everything it takes to get through ALL the above roadblocks and come out on the other side as your truest self. Maybe you just need a little help navigating the road… we all do. I’m here for YOU - to share my roadmap and my company in the passenger seat.

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The Creative’s Inspiring Morning Routine Checklist

Get my secrets for unlocking your creativity first thing in the morning and for the rest of the day.

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