• Caroline Scruggs


Hiya, all you music lovers! I'm always listening to & discovering new stuff AND I LOVE playlists, so I thought I'd make one of what I've been listening to most all week. Instructions: Click here for your "mixtape", but pretend it's an actual tape I give to you with hearts on the label & ENJOY!

1. The Ride - Amanda Palmer

2. I Want to Shout - Ros Serey Sothea

2. Dissect the Bird (Live) - John Craigie

3. Crying My Heart Out For You - Chick Webb

4. Hold Me Now - Thompson Twins

5. Bless the Telephone - Labi Siffre

6. Australia - Amanda Palmer

8. Gold Rush - Death Cab For Cutie

9. Dove of Mine - Eliza Rickman

10. Radio GaGa - Queen

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