• Caroline Scruggs

I Was Interviewed About Life as a Musician Post-COVID-19!

Rebecca with Arts Undercurrent at WHRO reached out when she saw I was doing my first virtual concert, and we ended up having a really interesting conversation about how this time is affecting musicians, and what creatives can do to still find joy and meaning in times of tragedy and uncertainty.

This is when we need music and art the most!

You can listen to our conversation right here...

And if you're looking for live music, let me suggest Sofa King Fest and Socially Distant Fest, both online hubs KILLING it streaming the music of countless fantastic musicians!

Hang in there, everyone, we WILL get through this. And in the mean time.... use your imagination and make something! Need help? Take on the 5 Days to Kicking Your Creative Slump Email Challenge. Sign up now!

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